How to Win in Life

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How to Win in Life

Did you make resolutions for the new year? Are they still a work-in-progress or have they fallen by the wayside? Health, happiness, prosperity, and peace are worthy goals. Don’t give up because your goals seem too big.

In sports, someone always loses and someone always wins. Kids learn that early on when they play T-ball or other kids’ sports. Some kids just don’t care so much about winning the game until they pick up on the vibes that winning is fun and a goal toward which they may strive. Winning isn’t everything. It’s how you play the game, right? Well, yes, but winning is pretty fun too. I’d like to offer a few tips on how to win at any goal. Maybe you’ll discover that winning your goals helps you win in life.

1. Like how you feel.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of winning. Your emotions, noticing how you feel and if you like that – or not – is a huge step in moving forward toward your goals. Did you notice that I didn’t start with asking what your goals are? Sometimes goals are hard to see in the beginning because you don’t know what they should be. First, you have to like how you feel. If you don’t like how you feel, then you must change that.

2. Find what you like.

Immerse yourself in experiences that bring about new emotions. Bring people into your life that inspire you in some way. Test the waters on a new hobby or visit a new place. It may be easy to say that you’re unhappy, but trust me, it’s easier to say that you are happy, especially if you find what you like.

3. Be open to change.

Why do people associate fear with change? This is nonsense. I don’t mean to sound insensitive to people who do fear change, but maybe this will help. There’s the old story telling us that if we continue to go down the same path filled with holes, we can continue to fall in the holes – or we can choose a different path. Which way makes more sense? I personally don’t care to continue to fall into holes, so I enjoy exploring new paths. Each new path is a new opportunity for growth and discovery. New opportunities often lead to happiness. So, be open to change and you’ll open opportunities to win.

4. Appreciate your skills and value skills you see in others.

We all have our gifts, talents and purpose. You’ve already won if you have taken these gifts and used them well in life. Appreciating the value others bring to your experience enhances the win for all. There’s synergy in bringing talents together. Businesses call it team work. You can apply the concept of team work to families, organizations, and even individuals who want to win.

For more tips on bringing your goals to reality, visit my website. Schedule a free consultation or book an appointment for Reiki energy healing. You can win. Let me help.



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